Buying Brand Name Female Clothes In Dhaka At Dirt Cheap Prices | Bangladesh Garment Outlet Clothes

Buying Cheap Female Made In Bangladesh Garment Factory Clothes in Dhaka

Bangladesh is the world’s capital of garment manufacturers. In Dhaka, most of these clothes are manufactured, and there are lots of factory outlet stores where you can buy brand-name clothes at ridiculously low prices.

These clothes are usually overstocked or have imperfections that are hardly noticeable.

In this episode, I will visit a market called Nannu Market in Mirpur 11 to look for female brand-name clothes at dirt-cheap prices.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Female Brand Name Factory Clothes In Dhaka
1:00 Let The Female Brand Name Clothes Buying Begin
2:25 Let The Bargaining Begins
3:50 First Attempt – Factory Outlet Store
6:05 Second Attempt – Factory Outlet Store
11:00 Attempt Was Successful

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