Shaving With Balaka Blade – The Oldest Made In Bangladesh DE Safety Razor Blade

Balaka Blade Shave – Made In Bangladesh Double Edge Safety Blade

It’s a lot of fun trying to find DE blades in a foreign country and document the experience. I searched for Double Edge Safety blades and shaving accessories in Bangladesh but had little luck.

Unexpectedly, I found lots of blades in a small store in Mirpur 10, Dhaka, Bangladesh and bought all the brands they had. I made a separate video on this.

Today, I will shave with the first blade made in Bangladesh – Balaka blade. For more DE Shave and Bangladesh shave videos, visit the links below.

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0:00 Intro
0:15 Why I Am Shaving With A Bangladeshi Blade
3:10 Shaving With A Bangladeshi Blade
8:25 Conclusions – Shaving With A Bangladeshi Blade

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