Jadu Bangsha – Bengali Full Movie | Uttam Kumar | Aparna Sen | Sharmila Tagore | Dhritiman

Watch the Bengali full movie Jadu Bangsha : যদু বংশ বাংলা ছবি on YouTube. The Bengali Film Jadu Bangsha was released in the year 1974, Directed by Partha Pratim Chowdhury, starring Uttam Kumar, Aparna Sen, Sharmila Tagore, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Santosh Dutta, Rabi Ghosh & Others.

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Movie : Jadu Bangsha
Language : Bengali
Genre : Drama, Classic
Director : Partha Pratim Chowdhury
Story : Bimal Kar
Music Director : Partha Pratim Chowdhury
Lyricist : Atul Prasad Sen, Rabindranath Tagore
Playback : Anup Ghoshal, Pratima Banerjee
Release : 1974
Star Cast : Uttam Kumar, Aparna Sen, Sharmila Tagore, Dhritiman Chatterjee, Soumitra, Santosh Dutta, Rabi Ghosh, Ashok Chatterjee, Nandita Thakur, Siddhartha Dutta, Bapi Banerjee, Bela Sengupta, Rani Chakraborty, Bhabarup Bhattacharya, Gour Poddar, Gita Pradhan, Manmatha Mukhopadhyay

The film revolves around four main protagonists, Surjo Bulli, Avay and Kripamoy. They are friends and they spend the day together. Spoilt children of rich families, they are aimless and thus often misguided. Ganapati or Gana da as they call him is someone they love and respect. Surjo, in order to earn some quick cash steals a very precious lamp from his own house and hands it over to Gana da, but Gana himself is in a deep financial crisis. He lives with his lover Nayna and her two unmarried sisters. Thus, he earns a bad name in the society and at the same time, he is unable to manage his expenses as well. The youths are equally messed up. Surjo loves Mala, but she gets pregnant with another person’s child. Surjo shares a very complicated love-hate relation with her widowed elder sister also. Suicide of her mother still haunts Kripamoy. Abhay tries hard to find a job, but with no luck. The only regular things in their life are cigarettes and heavy doses of alcohol. During one such occasion, they go to Gana and ask him to give Surjo’s stuff back. When he refuses, they start a quarrel. Soon it is discovered that the lamp is no longer with Gana. That is when they start to beat Ganapati. Gana da could not bear any more and he commits suicide. The film ends on a positive note with the friends realizing their fault, and they rush to be with Gana da on his last journey.

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