Rajkummar Rao New Movie Full HD | Pankaj Tripathi Superhit Action Hindi Dubbed Movie | New Hd Film

Rajkummar Rao New Movie Full HD | Pankaj Tripathi Superhit Action Hindi Dubbed Movie | New Hd Film

The plot is based on the Indian folk legend about a witch who abducts men at night when they are alone and only leaves their clothes behind. The residents of a town named Chanderi believe in the spirit of an angry woman, referred to as “Stree”, who stalks men and whisks them away during the four days of a religious festival every year, causing many disappearances over the years. To protect the residents from her wrath, “O Stree, come tomorrow” is written in Hindi (ओ स्त्री, कल आना) with bat’s blood on the entrances of all homes and men are advised to not roam alone after 10 pm during the festive season, and move in groups for safety – a parallel of instructions women are usually told to follow for their own safety.

Vicky (Rajkummar Rao), a ladies’ tailor in Chanderi, mysteriously encounters Gayatri, a charming woman (Shraddha Kapoor) who only comes to the town during the annual Pooja season and falls in love with her at first sight. She asks him to stitch her a lehanga. Her frequent disappearances, her shopping list including peculiar items such as a lizard’s tail, white cat’s fur, flowers of Datura, meat, brandy and such like presumed to be ingredients for black magic and the fact that she is not seen by anybody except Vicky, makes his friend Bittu (Aparshakti Khurana) suspicious, and he starts believing that she could be Stree. After one of his friends, Janna (Abhishek Banerjee), is kidnapped by Stree, Vicky grows suspicious of the woman as well. He confronts her on which she disappears yet again.

They decide to find a way to save their friend and ask the town’s librarian Rudra Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) for help, who is also a paranologist. In Rudra’s book shop, they come across a partially torn book titled “Chanderi Puran” in his library which mentions Stree’s story and an old fort which Vicky claims he has seen when he was on a date with Gayatri. Vicky, Bittu, and Rudra then visit the old fort, which Stree is supposedly inhabiting, to find Janna. Stree drives away Bittu and Rudra and is about to attack Vicky but does not, as she senses the feeling of love and respect in his eyes. She is then driven away by Gayatri’s spell. Gayatri reveals later that she has been trying to defeat ‘Stree’ for the last three years after losing someone close to her and that is why she comes to the town only during the festive season. This clarifies that Gayatri & Stree are two different persons. Stree releases Janna as requested by Vicky the same night, however, he starts having sporadic violent episodes. More men go missing after a possessed Janna, under Stree’s control, erases the word “Tomorrow” (कल) from the protective phrases outside everyone’s homes, leaving it as “O Stree, come”; (ओ स्त्री, आना) an invitation.

Vicky, Bittu, Rudra and Gayatri decide to meet the book’s author Shankar Shastri (Vijay Raaz) to find a permanent solution to save the town, who informs them that Stree had once been an extremely beautiful courtesan that every man in town desired. At last, she found a man who truly loved her and wanted to marry her, but on their wedding night, Stree and her husband were killed by the town’s jealous men. Her spirit has ever since been searching for her true love and also seeks revenge on the town by aiming to abduct every last man in it. Shastri tells them of a prophecy pointing to a savior and Vicky surprisingly appears to have all the characteristics describing the savior. Initially, Vicky believes that too until he recalls the inclusive feature of the savior, son of a courtesan. His friends then reveal the secret of him being a courtesan’s son which infuriates Vicky and he leaves in haste. In a drunk state, he confronts his father to which he silently agrees to upset Vicky further but then feels grateful for his father’s affection and efforts, and decides to save his town which accepted him and didn’t denounce him. The friends and Gayatri make a trap to kill Stree but Vicky realizes that Stree only desires love and respect and hesitates with the plan. Gayatri then suggests Vicky simply cut her long braid – the source of her powers – so that she will be rendered powerless. He does so, and Stree vanishes. Gayatri leaves the city the next day and Vicky bids her farewell, forgetting to ask her name all this time. On the bus, Gayatri merges Stree’s braid with her own hair and then vanishes from the bus, implying that she is the witch who wanted Stree’s power through her braid.

Stree visits Chanderi again the following year and finds her own statue at the town entrance with a new phrase – “O Stree, protect us” (ओ स्त्री, रक्षा करना)- thus giving her respect, and she does not enter Chanderi.

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