Putra Badhu | পুত্র বধূ | Bengali Full Movie | Uttam Kumar, Mala Sinha

Watch Bengali full movie Putra Badhu : পুত্র বধূ বাংলা ছবি on YouTube. The Bengali Film Putra Badhu was released in the year 1956, Directed by Chitta Basu, starring Uttam Kumar, Mala Sinha, Chhabi Biswas, Jiben Bose, Chandrabati Devi, Sabita Chatterjee.

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Movie: Putra Badhu
Language: Bengali
Genre: Drama, Classic
Producer: Sunrise Films
Director: Chitta Basu
Story: Salil Sengupta
Music Director: Rajen Sarkar
Lyricist: Gauri Prasanna Mazumder
Playback: Manna Dey, Sandhya Mukhopadhyay
Release: 1956
Star cast: Uttam Kumar, Mala Sinha, Chhabi Biswas, Jiben Bose, Chandrabati Devi, Sabita Chatterjee, Manorama, Asha Devi, Panchanan Bhattacharya, Shubhen Mukhopadhyay, Meera Roy, Durga Devi, Swapna Bhattacharya, Ashish Mukhopadhyay, Bibhu Bhattacharya, and Shanti Bhattacharya

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The Mukherjee family is well known in the village for their status and education. The widow mother is proud of her elder son Dilip and daughter Maya. Maya likes Nanda and their marriage is fixed. Maya notices that Nanda’s attention its diverted towards a young and charming lady called Shukla. She meets her in person and requests her to save her relationship. Shukla is a nice lady at heart. She promises her that she will make things right. Shukla makes Nanda understand and he is united with his love once again. However, Maya’s mother does not like Shukla and her ways. Shukla meets Maya’s brother Dilip, a working professional in Kolkata, who comes back to the village with a purpose to teach the village kids. Love blossoms and they decide to get married. But Dilip’s mother is against the relationship. Therefore after marriage Dilip starts living separately with his wife. He gives up his job in Kolkata. Their financial conditions deteriorate. Dilip falls seriously ill. Shukla stays awake all night knitting and sewing so that she can earn some money to buy medicines for Dilip. In the meantime Dilip’s mother falls down. Shukla secretly donates blood to her. Nanda brings her an offer of a job at a nearby school which she decides to take. Dilip’s mother comes to meet them and on finding Nanda and Shukla talking in isolation things wrong of her and leaves. Dilip is made aware of this and he gets upset too. Shukla is hurt too. She decides to go away. But the misunderstanding is cleared and Shukla is welcomed into the family of the Mukherjees.

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