Part 1: अखंड भारत | What would happen if ANCIENT INDIA was still alive?

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What happens if India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka were merged into a single super-country?

our ancient India, Afghanistan in 1747; Nepal in 1768; Nepal in 1768; Bhutan in 1907; Pakistan in 1947; In 1948 Sri Lanka, In 1971 Bangladesh.

First of all, some people will be happy to see this video, but this is just an imagination, in which you will get a lot of knowledge.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Sri Lanka were still today, then what would be the total population of India? the total population of India would be more than 175 crores. country had a large human resource, it could export more, which would have a higher GDP of the country, but it would be very difficult to get good food, get good water, care for their health.

Biggest State:
India’s largest state is Rajasthan, Area Wise, India’s largest state is balochistan. The total area is 3,47,190 square km, Rajasthan is slightly smaller because total area of ​​Rajasthan is 3,42,239 square km.

largest state in the population? In 2012, the total population of Uttar Pradesh was 20.20 million.

Largest state of united India’s in GDP? Then Maharashtra will be at number one because their GDP is 430 billion dollars, followed by Tamil Nadu’s GDP 247 billion, followed by Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh 230 billion, Karnataka $217 billion and then Pakistan’s Sindh was $212 billion.

So if the unbroken India was still there, In the old book, Kashmir was called the world’s paradise, and if India was still today, Kashmir would still be in heaven. And those of Asia who went to switzerland in the summer, they preferred to go to Kashmir for summer, due to which Kashmir was India’s largest traveler state. Because Kashmir is home to a beautiful Goddess of laws.

Land Area:
Today, we have 3% of the total land in the world, in which total land of India is 3.2 million square km, total land of Pakistan is 7,96,000 square km, total land of Afghanistan is 6,52,000 square km, Nepal Total land is 1,47,000 square km, same land is Bangladesh, total land of Bhutan is 38,000 square km and 65,000 square km of Sri Lanka. Akhand Bharat had a total 51,35,183 square km of land, which means that there would be a larger country than the entire Australia continent, which was the sixth largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, America, China, and Brazil.

if you need to study Buddhism in Colombo then you can go straight bus instead of taking permission from the government, i.e. The general public would be able to move across the country.

Languages ​​on Indian currency Note:
If you have ever seen India’s currency note, then it has written 17 languages, ahead of Hindi and English and 15 languages ​​on the other side, if there was a united India, then our notes would have some languages, with Nepali, Bengali, it is spoken in West Bengal, then Afghanistan has 2 languages, Pashto and Dari languages, 6 languages ​​are spoken in Pakistan, in which Punjabi, Sindhi and Urdu are in our currency. Saraiki and Balochi languages. Bhutan’s (Dzongkha) Jongkha was also there, and Sri lanka’s 3 languages, English and Tamil were also, but also Sinhala language, that means there were 23 languages ​​on the currency notes of India.

beach. So in that it was a huge border line with India, which started with the jiwani of Pakistan and ended in the dakhinpara of Bangladesh. Afghanistan, Nepal and Bhutan do not have any coastline. Pakistan has a 1046 km coastline, 7000 km coastline have India, 1340 km coastline Sri Lanka and 580 km coastline Bangladesh. In total, India had a coastline 9966 km. So here, countries such as Nepal, Bhutan and Afghanistan will benefit greatly because they get the coastline, so that they can trade with the countries of the world.
3 major ports, 7 port in India, 2 port in Pakistan, 3 port in Bangladesh and 1 port in Sri Lanka. From where a large amount of mall luggage can be used for the hedge.

And in order to make such a big manipulation, a large number of business ships are needed, then Pakistan has 52 ships, India has 1675 ships, Bangladesh has 306 and Sri Lanka has 80 ships. So total 2100 commercial ships have India.

CPEC Line for China:
China has a huge advantage because of this line because it can directly compete with Africa and these Asian countries to maritime trade. And China does not have to cross this big ocean of India, which also saves China’s money and China would have suffered huge losses in import export.

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