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Hindi Romantic Movie Movie Bheegi Raat (1965) Bollywood Romantic Movie
Starring : Ashok Kumar, Pradeep Kumar, Meena Kumari, Kamini Kaushal, Shashikala, Rajendranath.
Director : Kalidas, Music Director : Roshan

Synopsis: Bheegi Raat is a triangular love story where misunderstanding and ulterior designs of the shaded characters make life a torment for all the three characters.

Ajay’s (Pradeep) son of a millionaire father, Dwarkanath (Ullhas) rejects the proposal of his father’s business associate’s daughter Vinnie (Shashikala) and packs his bag for the queen of hill station Nainital. Vinnie swears to avenge the insult!

Meanwhile a car accident at Nainital leads to Ajay meeting Neelima (Meena Kumari), the beautiful and young governess to little Munnie, daughter of Anand (Ashok Kumar) who lives with Anand’s ailing sister Pushpa (Kamini Kaushal). The encounter further develops into mutual feelings between the two young people.

When Anand (Ashok Kumar) after a prolonged stay in England returns home to Nainital, he meets Neelima for the first time on the doorstep of his house and is struck by her resemblance with his dead wife. Neelima’s special care for Munnie and Anand coupled with Pushpa’s high talk about Neelima leads Anand to misinterpret Neelima’s action for love.

Thus, when Anand was about to propose to Nilima one evening at a glittering Silver Jubilee function of the Nainital Club, he accidentally comes to know about Neelima’s love for Ajay and all hell breaks loose for Anand. What happens thereafter makes for an interesting story of friendship, sacrifice, love and passion.

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