Prem Deewane | Full Movie | Hindi Romantic Movie | Jackie Shroff | Madhuri Dixit | Bollywood Movie

Hindi Romantic Movie Prem Deewane (1992) Bollywood Romantic Movie.
Starring: Jackie Shroff, Madhuri Dixit, Vivek Mushran, Pooja Bhatt,
Prem Chopra, Ashok Saraf, Dara Singh.
Director: Sachin, Producer: Ashok Ghai

Synopsis: Radha (Pooja Bhatt) and Manohar (Vivek Mushran) love each other and want to get married, but Radha’s dad (Ashok Saraf) does not approve of their marriage as Manohar comes from a poor family. He instructs Radha not to leave the house, but Radha finds a way to escape and goes to Manohar’s house. Anticipating more obstacles, they run away, guided by Radha’s uncle Natwarlal(Prem Chopra). Natwarlal convinces them that they must kidnap a wealthy person and demand a big ransom and take the money to appease Radha’s dad. It is then they start to realize that their uncle has some other devious plans for them.

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