Jungle में मिले इस Dangerous Evidence से दहल गई CID Team | CID | Knives Out | सीआईडी | 12 Jan 2023

Sumit and his friend take leave from the office and go trekking in the jungle. During trekking, they find an unknown dead body, whose information he gives to the CID team. The CID team comes to the crime scene and starts an investigation. They find a girl’s dead body with a bouquet next to her.…… Read More

Best Mysteries | CID | Officer Shreya क्यों कर रही है CID Team पर Attack? | 27 March 2023

Abhijeet, Daya, Shreya and all other team members go to the jungle in connection with a case. There Shreya behaves strangely. At first the team does not know about it but after some time Shreya suddenly starts attacking them. Shreya attacks CID Officer Abhijeet first, which shocks everyone. Shreya’s eye color also turns green. What…… Read More

100 साल पहले वाला डाकू बना CID के लिए पहेली! | CID | Bhoot Series | सीआईडी | 12-Jan-2023

One incident occurred in a running train 100 years ago. A robber left his red handkerchief as identification and evidence. The same thing is happening now. People claimed that this was done by the same robber. CID was not convinced. What will the CID team do? Who is the mastermind? To discover more, watch the…… Read More

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