एक Haunted Bungalow के रहस्य को Investigate करने पहुँची Team CID | CID | Witness |सीआईडी|28 Feb 2023

In a haunted house shadows of evil spirits are noticed by pedestrians. Sumer, Mugdha and Gini are attacked by an evil shadow. The next morning Mugdha gets to know that her brother Balvinder has got a job of a music teacher in the same haunted house. Since then Balvinder has gone missing and a blood-stained…… Read More

Paranormal Activities को Track करते-करते गई किसकी जान? | CID | Nostalgia | सीआईडी | 15 Feb 2023

Paranormalist Aliya gets killed in the haveli where a hotel was supposed to get constructed. Team C.I.D. investigates the case and also questions Aliya’s group who were keeping an eye on Aliya’s movements in the camera. Dr. Salunkhe reveals to Team C.I.D. about a sudden heart attack. Did Aliya die due to a sudden heart…… Read More

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