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Welcome to kahani Thrillpod, This story is about a case which took place in august in 2023.

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Shibli Sadiq Hridoy, a 20-year-old Chittagong, Bangladesh resident, contacted his mother Nahid Akhter on August 28, 2023.

His voice seemed quite frightened during the call; he told his mother that some people had kidnapped him, and they were beating him mercilessly.

After some time, Nahid got another call, but this time it was a different person on the phone. He said something that created a huge panic in his family.

Who was Shibli?
Shibli, who was born into a poor household, used to study and work to pay for his college tuition.

He worked as a manager on a poultry farm, and the farm six people worked under him.

Shibli being the youngest, and the other six workers being in the age group of 24 to 26, started being carless at work, thinking Shibli wouldn’t say anything.

At first, he explained to them nicely about their mistakes, but still after not obeying at work he started to take action against them which didn’t fit well with them.

This conflict started to get worse until the farm owner called everyone and calmed them.

Shibli forgot and moved on, but the other six did not and started a plan for revenge.

Planning for the revenge.
Two months after the incident, the fateful day came on 28th, August 2023, where they kidnapped Shibli while he was working on the farm.

After kidnapping Shibli, the kidnappers called Shibli’s mother Nahid Akhter, and demanded 15 Lakh Taka (Bangladeshi currency).

Shibli’s family was very poor and started asking people for help with the money.

Even after 3 days, they could not collect the said amount for the kidnappers, and Shibli’s father requested the kidnappers to decrease the money.

The kidnappers knowing that the Shibli family was poor, had reduced the amount to 2 Lakh Taka.

Shibli’s father, with great effort, finally collected the amount.

On September 4, 2023, the kidnappers called Shibli’s father to come to Bandar Ban district with the money.

Shibli’s father in hopes of getting his son back reached the said place and gave the money to the kidnappers.

The kidnappers got caught.
The kidnappers told Shibli’s father to go home now, and his son Shibli will return to the house.

As soon as Shibli’s father reached home, he could not find Shibli, thinking he might come late.

Shibli’s parents waited for 3 days before reaching the Police, and when asked why they came so late, they said the kidnappers had warned them not to tell the police, or they would kill their son.

Shibli’s mother told the police that he quarreled with those six people who worked under him.

Police caught all six workers of the poultry farm.

Their names are Umongching Mama, Suichjingmung Mama, Angthumung Mama, and Ukyathmai Mama. The other two names are unknown.

Initially, all six stayed quiet during the police investigation, but after being questioned aggressively, one of them broke down and told the narrative.

A confession that shocks a country.
He said they only wanted to kidnap Shibli, torture him, and leave him after receiving ransom money.

The plan changed when Shibli learned the identity of his kidnappers and his workers.

Fearing he might go to the police after his release, they killed him by choking his neck.

One of the workers, Umongching Marma even admitted that he cooked some of the flesh of the dead body and ate it.

They then threw the body down from a neighboring hill, and when the police arrived on September 11, 2023, they discovered Shibli’s skeleton bones.

This case had become a topic of discussion throughout Bangladesh country through news channels.

People were furious at the kidnappers, and as the police were transporting one of the main accused, who had admitted to eating flesh to the police, people gathered around the station and grabbed Umongching, who was cruelly beaten by the crowd and murdered.

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