5 Hours of Unsolved Mysteries and True Crime [2023 Compilation]

A collection of the darkest and most interesting cases and mysteries covered by Lazy Masquerade in 2023. Perfect for falling asleep to, enjoying as background noise, or catching up on any topics you may’ve missed!

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Animations and Thumbnail by Robin:

Music by Myuu, Kevin MacLeod and CO.AG Music:

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0:00 – Viola Beach [Inconclusive] 4:43 – Tommy Gibson [Unresolved] 8:02 – The Sleep Watcher [Unsolved] 15:47 – The Craigslist Ad [Solved] 25:06 – Marianne Bachmeier [Solved] 30:40 – Sasha Samsudean [Solved] 41:30 – The Discord Slayer [Solved] 54:20 – The Livestream Alibi [Solved] 1:04:02 – Zhu Ling [Unsolved] 1:19:46 – The Facebook Post [Solved] 1:25:26 – Peter Tobin [Unresolved] 1:28:10 – Jennifer Strange [Resolved] 1:37:58 – The Ushiku Incident [Unsolved] 1:51:20 – Kathy’s Curse [Solved] 1:58:11 – Last Seen at Disneyland [Unsolved] 2:03:07 – South Korea’s Curiosity Slayer [Solved] 2:22:22 – Tiltou Chan [Solved] 2:26:54 – The Amazon Review Slayer [Solved] 2:34:14 – Boiling Point [Unsolved] 2:45:13 – The Human Icicle [Resolved] 2:51:52 – Andrea Dunham [Unsolved] 2:54:07 – Catfished: Japan’s Darkest Romance [Solved] 3:12:40 – Love Has Won [Resolved] 3:26:10 – Tranquilo [Solved] 3:33:26 – JTK Update [Unresolved] 3:48:05 – Angela Hammond [Unsolved] 3:57:50 – The Graduation Trip [Unresolved] 4:03:11 – Melissa Highsmith [Resolved] 4:11:51 – The Real-Life Parasite Incident [Solved] 4:29:28 – The Whitehouse GIF [Unresolved]

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