Hunting Sex Traffickers (with Glenn Devitt) | Change Agents with Andy Stumpf – EP. 1

WARNING: The following episode contains strong language and adult themes that some viewers may find upsetting. Viewer discretion is advised.

Glenn Devitt is an Army veteran, a former member of the Department of Homeland Security’s H.E.R.O. (Human Exploitation Rescue Operative) program, and the CEO of ⁠the Sentinel Foundation⁠. The organization exists for a single reason: to end underage children being exploited around the world.

Today on Change Agents, Glenn and Andy Stumpf discuss Glenn’s background, the origins of the Sentinel Foundations, the reality of child exploitation, and how Change Agents listeners can get involved in the fight.

To learn more about Glenn and the work of ⁠the Sentinel Foundation⁠⁠ go to ⁠

Special thanks to the Wanek family and Ashley Furniture, as well as the Tim Tebow Foundation, for their support of Glenn and Sentinel Foundation.

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