Hidden Signs | An Enmity Between Two States | Crime Patrol 2.0 | 30 Jan 2023

It all started when a teenage girl went or a party with her grandfather, but instead of picking her up, her grandfather went missing which turned into quite a big matter later, but how a powerful businessman suddenly went missing with no traces, watch the full episode to know more.

Show Name: Crime Patrol 2.0
Episode: 32
Producer: Anup Soni, Shamael Khan

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About Crime Patrol 2.0:
Crime Patrol 2.0 is the New Crime Patrol series wherein our objective is to tell our viewers about the crime which happen/May happen around them. One of the data suggests most of the crime which happens in our country is done by people whom the victims already knew and our purpose is to depict those stories where crime has been done by someone close to the victim. Our show communicates the message to be aware of the surroundings we live in so that we do not fall prey to such evil-minded people.

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Hidden Signs | An Enmity Between Two States | Crime Patrol 2.0

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