ChatGPT unleashed: Hackers use chatgpt to develop malware | Cybersecurity Update

As an AI language model, I cannot confirm or deny if hackers are using OpenAI specifically to create malware. However, it is possible for hackers to use various AI and machine learning tools to create malware and other malicious software.

AI and machine learning algorithms can be used to automate certain parts of the malware creation process, such as generating new variants of existing malware or designing new attack vectors. Additionally, AI can also be used to bypass traditional security measures and detection systems, making it more difficult for defenders to identify and stop malware attacks.

It’s important to note that AI and machine learning are not inherently malicious technologies, and they have many positive applications in areas such as healthcare, finance, and scientific research. However, like any powerful tool, they can also be used for nefarious purposes in the wrong hands. It’s up to the security community to stay vigilant and develop new defenses against these evolving threats.

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Law enforcement forces of Bangladesh hired me as a guest trainer to improve their skills and knowledge. Some Institutions like Bangladesh Computer Council, Ministry of Women and Child Affairs Bangladesh, BCS Academy, Dhaka DGFI appointed me as a temporary trainer. Now I have been working as a temporary trainer in Bangladesh Crime Investigation Department (CID) from 2011.

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