First Impressions of DHAKA, Bangladesh (Busiest City on Earth) 🇧🇩

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As soon as I arrived in Dhaka, I am struck by the vibrant and chaotic atmosphere of the city. The streets are bustling with people, cars, and rickshaws, and the smells and sounds are a sensory overload. But despite the chaos, I found the people of Dhaka to be incredibly friendly and welcoming. Overall, my first impressions of Dhaka are extremely positive. The city is chaotic and overwhelming, but it is also full of life and energy. I can’t wait to continue exploring and discovering more about this fascinating place. Stay tuned for more!


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0:00 Let’s explore Dhaka for the first time!
2:51 Crazy sugarcane making contraption
6:32 Hunt for chicken biryani with a local
11:17 Checking out the biggest market in Dhaka
14:20 Zipping through traffic in this crazy rickshaw
17:55 Exploring the new market
20:33 Friendly locals invite me to eat
27:57 Let’s go Bangladesh!!

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