Kabooliwala Malayalam Full Movie| Jagathy Sreekumar | Innocent| കാബൂളിവാല

The story begins in Delhi. Unni is the four year child of a Doctor (M.G. Soman) and Sridevi (Srividya). Unni has two elder sisters. On his Unni’s fourth birthday the Doctor was late for the celebration; but he gives Unni a bugle which he likes very much. The same night while they were celebrating Unni’s birthday, a Kabooli (Nedumudi Venu) comes with a child who was suffering from fever to the doctor. The doctor doesn’t treat the child and ask him to take the child to hospital. A phone comes in the midnight saying that the Kabooli’s son is serious. The doctor rushes to the hospital and he takes his son with him. Unni is very much attached to the music played by the Kabooli. Kabooli’s son Munna dies in the hospital and he runs away from the hospital with Unni. After 20 years the story shifts to Kerala, where we see Kannas (Jagathy) and Kadalas (Innocent) who are street boys. They stay with Amminiamma(Sukumari) and they are having in love with her daughters; Chandrika and Ramani. Chandrika steals some valuables from the house where she does household works. In order to save them Kannas and Kadalas goes to prison. But when they return they find both Chadrika and Ramani are married and move out of the house with sorrow. Munna (Vineeth) comes in search of Kannas and Kadalas because they went to prison for stealing the bugle which was at stake. Kannas and Kadalas have buried the bugle in a ground and now there is a circus tent around it. While trying to take the bugle out; the bugle is taken by Laila (Charmila) the daughter of the circus owner. Munna asks for the bugle and she refuses to give it. They fight with each other for the bugle and in the process Munna tries to prove that Laila is having an illicit relation with him. Her father Sahib (Captain Raju)is furious to know this and he tries to kill Munna. But before that Munna tells him that he did all this for his bugle and he has no relation with his daughter. Sahib asks Laila to return the bugle. Munna plays the same music which the Kabooli used to play after getting the bugle. All in the circus tent are shocked to hear it and it is revealed that Munna is Sahib’s nephew. All in the circus tent accepts him wholeheartedly. Munna ignores Laila and she tries to commit suicide. Munna confesses his love for her. While romancing he plays the same music and the doctor who was passing by hears it and he comes with his daughters and sons-in-law and they forcefully takes him. Munna tries to leave but is given sedation and put to sleep. One of the sons-in-law is a police officer and the other is a doctor and they are able to arrest Sahib who comes to release Munna. The doctor shows the photograph of dead Munna and the newspaper articles reporting the kidnap of Unni to the people in the circus tent. Sahib is released under the condition that they would leave the city within 48 hours.. Sahib is also furious and tells that he will marry off his daughter within 48 hours and his son would curse him for being his father. Kannas and Kadalas come to Munna’s house and Sridevi stops them. She requests Kannas and Kadalas not to take her son back to the streets. Kannas and Kadalas reveal about the love between Munna and Laila and also tell Sridevei that Munna would be happy only with Laila. The doctor also decides to leave the city the next morning. Munna sees the door of his bedroom opened. He is successful in getting out of the house through the back door but is shocked to see Sredevi there. She tells him that she was the one who opened all doors for him because she couldn’t see him sad. She asks him to run with his Laila. The mother blesses her son and he leaves. But when he reaches the circus tent he is badly beaten up by Sahib and party. Laila is not allowed to leave. Kannas and Kadalas take Munna from there and they help Laila run away with Munna. But Sahib finds them. He tries to kill Munna but couldn’t. Six months later Kannas and Kadalas are releases from prison and the other street boys tell that Laila and Munna are getting married that day and all are invited for the marriage. When Kannas and Kadalas and their gang reach for the marriage they are stopped at the gate. When they try to reach to Munna; they are stopped by his relatives. Kannas and Kadalas bids a tearful farewell to Munna telling that their place is in the streets and they leave. While leaving they leave a gift with the watchman for Munna. Munna’s brothers-in-law stops the watchman and opens the gift and finds it is the same bugle. They throw the bugle away and it falls in front of Kannas and Kadalas . They take the bugle and are sad for a moment. The next moment they put the bugle in their bag where they put waste materials and leaves the place.

Director – Siddique-Lal

Producer – Sabeena K. Azeez

Writer – Siddique-Lal

Starring – Innocent,Jagathy Sreekumar,Vineeth,Charmila

Music – S.P.Venkitesh

Lyrics – Bichu Thirumala

Cinematography – Anandakuttan

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