Bangladesh Teen Girl Found Dead Murdered by Her Family গার্ল পিটিয়ে হত্যা

murder watford Domestic Homicide – A woman who beat her teenage daughter-in-law to death has been jailed, along with five members of the girl’s family, in what a senior detective described as one of the most harrowing cases of domestic abuse he had seen.

গার্ল পিটিয়ে হত্যা @WatfordLondon

Shahena Uddin girl beaten with baseball bat
পরিবার হত্যাকান্ডের বিচারের নির্যাতিত এবং মৃত্যুর গার্ল বীট. শাহানা উদ্দিন লন্ডন

secret letters by teenager where found, she begged for help for an end to suffering and torturous bullying from elders
Family members jailed after teenager Shahena Uddin brutally beaten to death following years of sickening abuse

A teenage girl ‘beaten to death by her family’ was forced to lick the toilet bowl and eat her own faeces, a court has heard.
Shahena Uddin, 19, who was one of eight siblings, was ‘regularly punished’ by her brothers and sisters, for ‘crimes’ such as eating at the wrong speed.

The girl was Regularly beaten for years, even in her own bedroom, in particular to her breasts. Probably with fists and with weapons.
Then she had choked on her own vomit and died after ‘punishment’ by members of her family , said prosecutor Stuart Trimmer QC.
Prosecutor Simon Trimmer QC said that before the arrival of the ambulance, blood and vomit stains had been covered up and that Shahena’s bloodstained clothing had been put into bin bags outside.

Suhail Uddin, 35, and his wife Salma Begum, 32 – who became the teenager’s legal guardians in 2010 – are now standing trial, accused of Shahena’s murder. Begum is also accused of causing or allowing the death of a vulnerable adult.

The prosecution claims Shahena was socially isolated and lived in fear of her family.
Mr Trimmer said: “This was a troubled family unit held together by internal discipline of an extreme variety. and commonplace.
Shahena was punished for eating at the wrong speed or not eating all her food.
Punishments included physical beatings, humiliation and being denied water for prolonged periods.

Pathologist Dr Robert Chapman, who carried out a post-mortem examination, said her head was covered in bruising, her lips were cut and her eyes were black and swollen.
Dr Chapman said he found bruising to her shoulders and legs and strike marks across her right breast, and it appeared a “rod-like” object with parallel sides had been used to strike her.

The jury was also told how Shahena told friends that she was beaten. But she would go on to deny the stories, amid fears she would be beaten.
Mr Trimmer said: ‘When they tried to complain on her behalf, she was obliged, for fear of worse to come, to deny what she had said to those school friends.’
The court also heard how she was hit with weapons such as a Wii baseball bat, a mop handle and a glow stick and even made to eat her own vomit.

The trial continues.

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