MODERN DHAKA SHOCKED US!! Could we Live in Gulshan, Dhaka? 🇧🇩 Bangladesh Vlog

MODERN DHAKA SHOCKED US!! Could we Live in Gulshan, Dhaka? 🇧🇩 Bangladesh Vlog. After having been around Dhaka’s old and ancient side, we decided to visit Modern Dhaka.

Gulshan, Dhaka is one of the most developed places in the country of Bangladesh and we were amazed by the tall buildings, fancy cars and designer brands.

We took a stroll through the streets of Gulshan, Dhaka, passing by many high rise buildings, restaurants and shops before deciding to head to Gulshan Lake Park, perhaps the most picturesque park in Bangladesh.

Being such a modern neighbourhood, we could definitely see ourselves living in Gulshan Dhaka, Bangladesh.

#dhaka #bangladesh #gulshan

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