BANGLADESH FOOD 🇧🇩 – Best Street Food Biryani in OLD DHAKA ? এটা কি সেরা বিরিয়ানি

BANGLADESH FOOD – BEST BIRYANI IN OLD DHAKA: When we arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh, we had no idea just how much people enjoyed Biryani here. You’re spoilt for choice as there are so many different varieties available.

For those of you that don’t know, Biryani is made up of rice, various spices, different meats and many other ingredients and it is a must if you haven’t tried it yet.

We were wandering aimlessly around Old Dhaka, Bangladesh, exploring the busy yet vibrant streets when we came across the famous Hazi Nanna Biryani (which we only found out was famous once we were half way through our meal) and we were surprised by how good it was. Old Dhaka is full of surprises and we absolutely love this part of Dhaka.

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