BANGLADESH : DHAKA : Food, Music and People & CRAZY Motorcycle Ride

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This vlog is just a follow up to the same day i left Sadjida in the afternoon. I met with another Local couchsurfer, the one i met on day 1! so this is a mix of everything and some silliness also. Please note that i joke around a lot ,its just how i am, so i do not work for the CIA or MI6 or anything like that lol … had a lovely dinner on this really nice restaurant, i will put name and address at the bottom here, i couldn’t find a website for it . I listened to some beautiful Classic Bengali music, went on a crazy motorbike ride through Dhaka and ended up on a bridge hanging out with some local children and to see their faces and to interact with them is what travel is all about for me…the people rather than the tourist landmarks are what travel is all about for me ! everyone has been amazingly hospitable and friendly…. Of course i will be moving on from Dhaka , but its my starting point and its all new to me. i have plenty time to see a bit of everything ! As always ….thank you for watching …
RESTAURANT:Bhaat Ghor 3,5 Topkhana Road,Dhaka 1000 (01714-110271)

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