Bangabandhu Abar Jokhon Phirben (Bangladesh Patriotic Song) – Himangshu Goswami

© 2020 Himangshu Goswami. All rights reserved.

This song is dedicated to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman (Bangabandhu). The birth of the sovereign state of Bangladesh in December 1971, after a heroic war of liberation, was the triumph of his deep faith in the people of the country. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, endearingly called Bangabandhu or friend of Bangladesh, rose from the people, molded their hopes and aspirations into a dream and staked his life in the long battle to realize it. He was a true democrat and a man of all human qualities. He employed in his struggle — to secure justice and fair play for the people of Bangladesh — only the democratic and constitutional means until his last breath.

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