She Stole $4.5 Billion in Bitcoin And Went on the Run

These two pulled off one of the biggest crypto heists in history! Find out all about it in this video!

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Croc of Wall Street
She’s a wannabe rap star in Manhattan, New York. Heather Morgan wanted to be known by her stage name Razzlekhan, a name she used to release a series of strange hip-hop songs. She highlighted her persona as a societal outsider.

Bitfinex Hack
To understand the scope of this crypto heist, we’ll need to go back to 2016. News broke that August about a massive crypto theft in which 120,000 Bitcoin was stolen from an exchange platform called Bitfinex.

4.5 Billion
Six years after the huge fraud, police finally made a pair of arrests in the case. By this time, the stolen crypto had an estimated value of $4.5 billion, according to investigators. In addition, authorities also arrested her husband, Ilya “Dutch” Lichtenstein.

It’s clear that Morgan has a colorful personality as an eccentric artist and rapper. Her husband also has a what we’ll call not so usual personal story. Even though prosecutors believe Morgan was an integral part of the money-laundering scheme, they say Lichtenstein did most of the legwork necessary to pull off the heist.

Washing Crypto
Federal prosecutors laid out the case against Lichtenstein and Morgan in a statement shortly after their arrest. They accused both of using a complicated series of financial transactions to keep their true identities hidden from authorities.

FED Intel
As 2021 came to a close, Lichtenstein and Morgan believed they’d gotten away with their massive heist. However, before the year was over, they received a statement from their internet service provider that advised them of a government request for evidence.

Lichtenstein and Morgan were arrested on Feb. 8, 2022. If convicted, they both faced more than two decades behind bars. The federal charges against them included fraud and money laundering.

Flight Risk
In addition to Dutch’s Russian citizenship, prosecutors noted that Morgan maintained a close connection to Hong Kong. She had previously lived in that region of China and had established businesses there.

As of late March 2022, Lichtenstein and Morgan were engaged in talks with prosecutors regarding a possible plea arrangement. Prosecutors agreed to postpone a scheduled court date to hash out a deal with the defense team.

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