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KUSHTIA, BANGLADESH – Tonight we are continuing on our street food tour in Kushtia, at night when so many different street foods come alive. We’ll go to eat two of the greatest of all Bangladeshi street foods – fuchka and chotputi.

So we headed out in the evening and chotputi. Chotputi is a huge mix of chickpeas and potato, a mix of spices and green chilies, tamarind dressing, and crunchy puri shells, all mixed with shredded egg and extra chilies. It’s hearty, it’s extremely tasty, and it’s one of the best street food snacks in Bangladesh. Chotpoti – 50 Taka ($0.58)

Next we headed down the street to eat fuchka, which is similar to pani puri or golgappa, but the Bangladeshi version. And pani puri is typically served with water on the inside one by one, but fuchka is served with the tamarind water and juices on the side so you do it yourself. It’s one of the world’s greatest street foods. So good, an unbelievable amount of flavor. Fuchka – 50 Taka ($0.58)

Haleem is another classic dish available across the Indian subcontinent. The Bangladeshi version here in Kushtia was fantastic – loaded with spic and green chili. We continued this Bangladeshi street food tour in the center of the city, eating some pakoras made with stink vine leaves – they are very well known to have a seriously stinky aroma, but a delicious taste when cooked. The pakoras were amazing.

Another fantastic night of eating street food in Bangladesh!



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