Kenya’s Killer Roads – BBC Africa Eye documentary

Africa Eye exposes dodgy driving licences and dangerous vehicles on Kenya’s killer roads.

Have the network of roads which criss-cross Kenya become death traps? Between 2020 and 2021 Kenyan road deaths rose more than 20 per cent. Last year, more than 4,500 were killed and over 16,000 injured. The Kenyan Government says drunk driving, overloading, and speeding are among the top causes of the carnage. But is corruption also a factor?

Journalist Richard Chacha, himself paralysed in a road accident ten years ago, joins Africa Eye to expose rogue driving school employees who, for a fee, fix it for rookie drivers to get behind the wheel without ever having to take a driving test. Africa Eye also reveals how brokers take cash to beat the vehicle safety testing system, enabling taxis fit for the scrap heap to be driven on Kenya’s roads…and carry passengers.

Africa Eye brings you original, investigative journalism revealing secrets and rooting out injustice in the world’s most complex and exciting continent. Nothing stays hidden forever. You can check out all #BBCAfricaEye investigations here:

Credit List:

Director – Kassim Mohamed
Producer – Hussein Mohamed
Narrator – Wazir Khamsin
Executive Producer – Shabnam Grewal, Andy Bell
Film Editor – John Moratiel, Tony Robinson
Production Manager – Simon Frost
Production Coordinator – Sarah Clarke
Researcher – John Owens, Alice Muthengi, Thomas Bwire
Social Media Producer – Anusha Kumar
Digital Producer – Suzanne Vanhooymissen
Impact Producer – Courtney Bembridge
Reversioning Producer – Izzy Fleming
Online Editor – Chris Stott
Dubbing Mixer – Jez Spencer
Colour Grader – Boyd Nagle
Camera – Rashid Ibrahim
Drone Operator – Chrispine Omuko
Archive – Owour Otet, Michael Nganga, NTV Kenya
Special thanks – E-PLUS (Kenya Red Cross Society)
Africa Eye Editor – Tom Watson


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