CRAZY Market in DHAKA, BANGLADESH 🇧🇩 World Most Densely Populated City in the World

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New Market in Dhaka is the place where you can find anything you can imagine! This is how you can find a perfect top quality luxury brand shirt for $5 in the New Market, Dhaka.

Bangladesh is mostly known in Europe for the Made in Bangladesh label you can find in any piece of clothing.

Biggest luxury brands have factories here, where garments are produced. What is not sent to export, is being sold in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is the second largest garments exporter in the world, this contributing to the fast growing Bangladesh economy.

Join our exploration!

00:28 Elephant in New Market, Dhaka
03:00 Clothes in New Market, Dhaka
08:57 Textile industry in Bangladesh
11:27 Food in the New Market
16:56 What did we buy in New Market, Dhaka

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