Bhule Jete Chai | ভুলে যেতে চাই | Himel Ashraf| Bangla Music Video| গুলই ছবির গান | Golui movie song

Album: Bhule Jete Chai
Singer: Himel Ashraf
Lyrics: MD Rustom Ali, Md Daud Khan, Kobi Ata, Md Ezabul Haque,
Music : Khaim Ahamed
Label : Arik Creation.
Langues : Bangla.

Bhule Jete Chai || ভুলে যেতে চাই || Himel Ashraf || Bangla Music Video || Bangla Sad Song 2021 ||

#Bhule_Jete_Chai #ভুলে_যেতে_চাই #arik_creation

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