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DURBIN presents –
” Trust ” – Short Film🥀

Film Credits :
Directed By – Nirjon Nahuel
Shot By – Kausarthemaker
Production – Durbin Inspiring Ltd.
Story & Screenplay – Nirjon Nahuel
Assistant Director – Nazia Borsha, Sadaf Ahamed, Ankon Chowdhury
Edit & Color – Nirjon Nahuel, Kausarthemaker
Chief Assistant Director – Kausarthemaker, Julkar Nafiz
Poster – Nirjon Nahuel
Cast: Nirjon Nahuel, Julkar Nafiz, Nazia Borsha, Sadaf Ahamed, Ankon Chowdhury, Sabuj Ahmed

Music Credits :
Flute Music on Janmashtami – Rahul Krishnan
Billie Eilish & Khalid – Lovely (Violin Cover) – Jessica Hanson
MOONU BGM FLUTE – Flautist Ankush
Lovely – Billie Eilish & Khalid – Cover (Indian Flute) – Balaram Sarkar

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