Al Jazeera investigation in Bangladesh. Savar Crime Investigation.The Bong Fun investigation for fun

If you watch the video till the end, you will understand the concept.💡
This video called Al Jazeera Investigation in Bangladesh is not an investigation at all. It was created to entertain the audience only. The people you see here as characters have done nothing like that at all. My friends and I were all enjoying together when we only made videos with the mobile in hand. Here is a video footage of Coca Cola eating mixed with mentors which was really fun. I haven’t been practicing video editing for a long time, so I wondered how long I would do my own thing.🌱
Again, this video is for entertainment purposes only. I created this video just to practice my video editing; So of course you can let us know in the comments section how the video went. I am grateful to my friends and all the viewers.😊


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