Kagojer Manush | Abdun Noor Shajal | Sarika Sabrin | কাগজের মানুষ | Bangla Natok 2021

📺Watch NTV New Drama Kagojer Manush (কাগজের মানুষ) and Please Share With your Friends & Family.👪 Bangla Natok ‘Kagojer Manush’ is starring Abdun Noor Shajal, Sarika Sabrin, Shilpi Sarkar, J.I. Khan, MD Shohag Hossain, Nazmul and many more. New Bangla Natok ‘Kagojer Manush’ is Directed by MD Robiul Shikdar.

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New Bangla Drama: Kagojer Manush (কাগজের মানুষ)
Story, Screenplay & Director: MD Robiul Shikdar (মো. রবিউল শিকদার)
DOP: Jewel das (জুয়েল দাস)
Production: ABC Entertainment

Abdun Noor Shajal (আবদুন নূর সজল)
Sarika Sabrin (সারিকা সাবরিন)
Shilpi Sarkar (শিল্পী সরকার)
J.I. Khan (জে আই খান)
MD Shohag Hossain (মো. সোহাগ হোসাইন)
Nazmul (নাজমুল)

Chief Assistant Director : Md : Shohag Hossain
Editor: Matia Banu Shuku
Poster Design: Md Sohidul
Make-Up : Sardar Salam
Production Manager : Kobir, Mintu
Coordinator : Shikdar Films
Release date: 09 – 10 – 2021

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