Bangladesh Official Music Video

Heroes of T were founded by AK Manoosh and his best friend Tawhid Islam over the course of lots of dedication and hard work. The T at the end stands for today, tomorrow, truth, togetherness, teamwork, toughness, thoughtfulness and infinite T of love and peace. They wasn’t always called heroes of t, they was also know as The Rebelz and other names which is not relevant at their current self. Back in around early 2007 when Bangla Hip hop was starting to make buzz, they had a hip-hop scene in NYC. They first performed in a Talent Show at Bryant H.S located in Queens, NY hosted by DAYC organizers. Where they was assumed to be the underdogs with very little support by their side but when it was time for show, they had won the hearts of every one in the building and broken the barrier of language with energy and intensity they had put out. Shortly after that they was invited to perform in varies events, including clubs, lounges, festivals, and shows. Through ups and downs, they never gave up on there dreams and pursued it until today.

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