Country Comparison: India vs Pakistan vs Bangladesh vs Sri Lanka. Who Live Better?

Asians – episode 2 – In this episode we selected the most populated and alike countries by race, culture, tradition, and some of them even by religion. And as in the first episode throughout the video, we will compare 6 countries by 19 indicators, such as salary, corruption, democracy and so on. For this, we chose one of the most populated countries of Asia. We got Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka. The ratings will appear one after another. Here will be shown points that countries will get through each rating. And here are the places that countries occupy in the world. After each rating, a red table will be shown, where points are accumulated that countries will gain from each rating.
Simple rules, more points, worse standard of living in the country, lesser points, BETTER. Who will be the first and which country will win? You will find the answer by the end of the video. Write in the comments where are you from and who do you support in this video. And we begin the comparison. The first indicator is an index showing human development in countries. The first Place is taken by Sri Lanka and surprisingly it is 71st in the world, the middle place goes to India and Bangladesh. the rest are behind.

Since we are done with the comparison. Let’s look at the overall results of our six countries.
The best country in our top with an honor goes to Sri Lanka, ranking first in our top. Then we have India, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan and Last in our list is Bangladesh.
I hope you do like this kind of comparisons, let me know in the comments which countries should we prepare for the next comparisons and where are you from. That’s all for today, do not forget to subscribe, click the notification bell on to not miss our next interesting video. Good bye.

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