Hiring Husband | হায়ারিং হাজবেন্ড | Farhan Ahmed Jovan | Parsa Evana | Bangla Natok 2021

Fiction: Hiring Husband “হায়ারিং হাজবেন্ড”
Direction: Alamgir Ruman
Writer: Moontaha Britta

Cast: Farhan Ahmed Jovan, Parsa Evana, A.S.M Zakaria, Shoishob Amiri, Sadia Tanjin, megha sruti, Ifty Khan, Subhasish Bhowmik, Sanjida Islam, Othoy, Mukter Ahmed.

DOP: Bikash Saha
Edit & Color: Rasil islam Anik
Music: Neru
Producer: Harichh Mohammad
Label: VisualScene ENTERTAINMENT


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