Travelling bangladesh খাগড়াছড়িতে এক ভ্রমনে দেখুন ১০টি ঝর্নাসহ ১৯টি প্রাকৃতিক সুন্দর স্থান

Travelling bangladesh খাগড়াছড়িতে এক ভ্রমনে দেখুন ১০টি ঝর্নাসহ ১৯টি প্রাকৃতিক সুন্দর স্থান

Khagrachari is the natural wild beauty of Bangladesh. Khagrachari is one of the most remote places in Bangladesh that amazes people of every corners of the world. Khagrachari is one of the most spectacular places with hills, forest, waterfalls and the life of aborigine in Bangladesh.

Traveler will find the natural wild beauty in Khagrachari. There are so many popular tourist spots in Khagrachari District of Bangladesh. Traveler will realize the tribal culture by visiting Khagrachari. If you are a photographer you have so many subjects,if you are a tourist you have so many spots to visit.
Khagrachari is a district of Bangladesh in Chittagong Division. Khagrachari is located at South-eastern side of Bangladesh..

Three rivers are flow on the Khagrachari district. These are Chengi, Kasalong and Maini and Chengi is the longest river in Khagrachari. Khagrachari is one of the most naturally rich area with hills, forests, falls, the life of inhabitants and spectacular landscapes in Bangladesh.

There are so many popular tourist spots in Khagrachari District of Bangladesh.Khagrachari in Bangladesh is beautiful place for visit. . Visitors can get charming experience by paying visit to the spots.
Main Tourist attractions in Khagrachhari: One of the main attractions in Khagrachhari is Alutilla.

There is an ancient cave through the foot of hill Alutila and an extra-ordinary fountain called ‘Richang fountain’.It’s really a life-time experience to walk through the Alutila cave. This huge cave hidden among mysterious forests is a beautiful sight to see. Hill also offers visitors a beautiful view over Khagrachhari. Sapchari waterfall is situated in Khagrachari Hill district and about 115 km north from Chittagong town.

The waterfall is near to the sapchari village and is emerged out Alutila Hill Range situated by the Chengi River. If you are a tourist you have so many spots to visit. You can go Alotila(mysterious cave), Risang falls, dhiginala, marissa etc. there are so many places to explore. The biggest fall which is called risang had been identified last year 2008 and so many falls are on waiting to identify. The beauty of Risang fountain is really amazing.Water falls from about 60 foot high and falls at a mild slope of rock surface of another hill. Don’t miss this view.
The lighthouse, the Buddhist temple and the Watchtower also worth exploring. Other notable attractions are Deeghi of the (former) King of Tripura, Guimara Forest, Mogh Chief Rajbari, Ramgarh Tea Garden, Sharthok Ejamno memorial and Matai Pukhiri Lake. If you are energetic enough and like adventure then you can go to Marishhwa.It is near to the Indian border and rich in natural beauty. The whole destination of Marishhawa is embellished with hills after hills, trees after trees.
The natural beauty of Marishhwa is breath taking. .You can also visit Panchori. It is a sacred place and meditation centre for the Buddist who live here. . There is a huge monument of Buddho in Panchori. It’s about 40 foot high.Panchori is a good place for traveling for its natural beauty. Here you can visit the tribal lifestyle of Chakmas in KhagrachariThe inhabitants of the mountainous areas typically live on top of the hills .
Tourism business is not very much organized in this country not by government and private sector and if it develop sometime khagrachari will acclaim exorbitant encomium from worldwide tourists. Parjatan motel here is also one of the best motel in Bangladesh Parjatan . that a good environment can provide room , garden , small lake , enjoy. well healthy food near the river , It is very quiet and peaceful place where you stay longer. The natural beauty of Khagrachhari is breath taking. Khagrachori is one of the best place in Bangladesh for traveling. Khagrachhari city is often described as the only place in Bangladesh , where you can see beautiful scenery and unforgettable nature.
1. Alutila Hill
2. Richhang Waterfall
3. Dighinala Maniker Dighi
4. Yonged Buddha Bihar
5. Alutila Cave
6. Panichari Buddha Sculpture
7. Dighinala Touduchari Waterfall
8. Sajek and Marissa Valley
9. Nunchari Debota Pond
10. Banyan Tree more than Hundred Years Old
11. Mung King’s Palace
12. Sarthok
13. Ramgar Hill
14. Sindukchari Pond
15. Guimara
16. Tea Garden (Old)
17. Lakshmichari Waterfall
18. Matai Pukhiri
19. Sapachari Waterfall

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