‘You went where for a holiday’? Even the immigration officers back home don’t believe you when you tell them you’ve just come back from a vacation in Bangladesh. Here’s an insight and a good few words from State Minister Mohammed Shahriar who is a very reasonable chatty guy.
Bangladesh is a lovely surprise in so many ways. A few years back, it would not have made much difference if you visited this heavily populated, water soaked land 30 years or so apart, you knew what to expect and you expected nothing different. You even wondered if it was safe to go there. Well it always has been.
Almost half a century on from a genocidal bloody upheaval for independence, which left the country with literally nothing but still a lot of people, the scars have not healed, but the economy is in remission and recovering well.
Starting in the second decade of the 21st century, Bangladesh is on the move. The preconceived notions you’ve ever had are still very evident, but beneath the surface, Bangladesh is evolving and progress eruptions are beginning to sprout at a very rapid rate. The country is making money and paying its own way and not only with the T shirt you are wearing, but the medicine you take and so much more.

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