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Presenting a brand new romantic music video “Elomelo Vabna | এলোমেলো ভাবনা ” directed by “Akterul Alam Tinu”, Starring Raju and Keya. Hope you will enjoy our all bangla song, bangla short film and bangla natok.

Song: Elomelo Vabna (এলোমেলো ভাবনা)
Cast: Raju and Keya
Direction, Screenplay, Edit and Color: Akterul Alam Tinu
Singer: M. F. Tito
Lyric, Tune: Jibon Wasif
Compose: Rejoyan Sheikh
DOP: Opu Ahmed
Post: Infrequent Creation
Makeup: Babu Islam
Chief AD: Sarib Islam
Label: Onabil Multimedia
Promotional Manager: Alif Al Mostofa (Aariyan)

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