Travel to Barisal | Floating Market | Durga Shagor | Shondha River | Travel Bangladesh

It was an event by Eco Tourist Group a renowned travel group in Bangladesh. The admin Apu was a very old online friend of mine. I has no intention to travel Barisal at that time but hearing from Apu, I planned to travel with them.
It was a day of bad luck! I started from Gazipur & met other tour mates at Sadar Ghat Launch Terminal where a launch ticket was pre booked by out admin Apu.
We arrived at Barisal at around 4 am. First, we started journey to Shatola to see red lily. But, bad luck! There was not enough lily to impress us!
Then, went to Durga Sagar Dighi, this place was awesome. We all took a bath there. After that, We went to Floating Market & Guava Garden via Backwater. But, what a bad luck again! We missed that too because of delay.
At the end of the day we spend evening on Shondha river & the evening is beauty not describable.
At night, we visited Kherua Mosque, which was out of light at that time!!!
Bad Luck again!!!!!

Note: Time to go Floating Market via back water is early morning (before 10 am). Don’t miss it like we did.

Music Track used in this video:
1. Cipher – Electronic Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (
2. Arriba Mami [Open Source Music] 3. The Only Girl [Open Source Music] 4. Pisco Sour [Open Source Music]

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