New Natok 2019 I Maflar I Apurba I Tanjin Tisha I মাফলার

New Natok 2019 I Maflar I Apurba I Tanjin Tisha
New natok Maflar (মাফলার) has been a popular drama already with over 1 million views in just four days. Popular actors Apurba paired with Tanjin Tisha played in this romantic play/ natok. This new romantic drama written and directed by Sohel Arman is already a popular Bangla drama of Apurba and Tanjin Tisha.
Drama: Maflar মাফলার
Cast: Apurba, Tanjin Tisha, অপূর্ব, তানজিন তিশা, আফজাল কবির সহ আরো অনেকে
Story & Script: Sohel Arman
Direction: Sohel Arman
Executive Producer: Shahed Hossain
Producer: Parvin Sultana
Production: Factor Three Solutions
Label: SevenTunes Entertainment


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