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Superhit Hindi Movie Strangers (2007)
Starring: Jimmy Shergill, Kay Kay Menon, Nandana Sen, Sonali Kulkarni.
Producer: Uday Tiwari, Director: Aanand Rai.

Synopsis: Rahul, a flop writer, and Sanjeev Rai, a management professional giant, are travelling in business class compartment of train in England from Southampton to London. The claustrophobia of closed space and fact that they both are Indians binds them in chatting. The chatting gets more and more personal and they both learn that they are not happy with their married lives. Rai is living a miserable life. After his son’s death, his wife Nandini is in state of madness. Likewise, Rahul is not respected by his wife Preity after crash of his ambitious career as writer. Rahul and Sanjeev Rai come to a mutual conclusion that the only way to get out of their painful life is to kill each other’s wife. But what happens actually thereafter?

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