Shikar Full Movie | Dharmendra | Asha Parekh | Hindi Suspense Movie

Hindi Suspense Movie Shikar (1968)
Starring : Dharmendra, Asha Parekh, Sanjeev Kumar, Bela Bose, Helen, Johnny Walker & Ramesh Deo.
Directed : Atma Ram
Produced : Atma Ram

Synopsis : Manager Ajay Singh finds out that a man by the name of Naresh is murdered and inform police inspector Rai, but all evidences are tampered at the crime scene and as a result the murderer became difficult to trace. From here on Ajay’s life takes a new turn in trying to find the culprit who have murdered Naresh, in the process he meets a young woman, Kiran who have some crucial evidences that might lead Ajay to the culprit who have murdered alcoholic and womanizer Naresh.

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