Navjot Singh Sidhu insulting Bangladesh on win against England

Navjot Singh Sidhu – insulting Bangladesh on the issue of win over England in ICC world Cup 2015. Now what would you like to say about this MF?

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  • What liar you Sidhu! India only played 24 matches against Bangladesh and you made it 124..

  • Shale Shidhu ki bacche, teri ma ki agg.. Teri to koi okad nehi he Assole ki tara hasne ki elava? or tu insult karti he Bangladesh ki? Tune Shala Indian team par jab khela tha tab tu keya kar dikhaya apni mulk ke leye vo bhi hum accse tarah se jante he.
    Isbar BAngladesh & india match per kahi tarah teri india jab losser hoga tab may dekhu ga ke tu kun mulk ki paydashi hey? shala *********..

  • Three average cricketers talking nonsense. The do not know how to respect people.I am sorry being an Indian.

    • Right you are, I am pretty sure all the champions in indian cricket will say in this way. Sidhu is a looser that’s why he is speaking like a looser. People like Gavaskar, Tendulkar , Dada they will never show disrespect even a local team of Bangladesh. These people ear respect all through out their life and they know how to give respect the others. Sidhu is by born looser.

  • Navjotshing shiddu a legend of bullshit alwys..
    What he proved by his comment about played game between bangladesh vs india.
    Shiddu r u kidding! Best spiner without sakib al hasan frm bangladesh…may b he isnt in the world.otherwise he know better who is the world best allrounder not only balling also batting!
    Shame indian commentators..they just learn to discuss about not to give appritiate others whom deserve…

  • As much they defame Bangladesh they also defame themselves. Yes we agree that we are small but Shidhu you can’t deny that you have past record to be defeated by BD. We have got enough and in near future you will be bound to say enough is enough. You see our Sakib is continuing his number one position and we speak not as much as you. In fact empty vessels sound much we know.



      • If that is true… your celebrities must show it… yes I know few of them for example, Harsha Bhogle. he always said good about Bangladesh. criticized with good language and exactly what needed to say… nothing extra or useless talking. Everyone should hate this MC sidhu but what do we see?? you people uphold him with dignity…



    • Shihir vai. Thanks for your comment. You are really a modest Hindu. Hope we get more people like you . Of course we love such Indians like you Sishir vai. But we really hate people like Shidhu. They always insult the weak .

  • Siddu, you one dumb ugly don of a bitch. You think you are too good a cricketer. F**k you mada****d. Next time you say a word against Bangladesh, we 160 million ppl will f**k you n the country of urs. So watch out

  • stupid nonsense mo**** shidu . asshole idiot . How dare u to insult Bangladesh -_- . lets see what india do

  • Total In Bangladesh In India Neutral
    Matches played 28 19 3 6
    Won by Bangladesh 3 2 0 1
    Won by India 24 16 3 5
    No result 1 1 0 0
    List of ODIs

  • U r out of your rucking sick mind u cheap bas***ds bloody Sikh Sidhu mother f****r an excellent representative of stupid Indians!!

  • Shiddu you don’t know how to respect a country.May be you forgot about our allrounder Sakib Al Hasan.He is World No 1 Allrounder. It really shameful.I just hate you.You are such a stupid person for the Cricket world.

  • sidhu shahab. Tere maa ko ***********. Learn to respect, kangal hogi tere ma ke c*****. Bangladesh is developing every sectors and India never likes countries surrounding them get developed but depends on them. Salaa shab ram c***

  • madar c**d… england j toder bhorsilo tri nation series’e… bhuile jash?? kh****r poola shidhu… tor maa jane tor baap k?? hauwar pola…

  • tui Bangladesh e ai. bat – ball diye tore fattaya dibo. sudhu ai tui. dekh ki kori. ekhn kichu bolbonah. ekhane ai bujhaya dibo Bangladesh ki.

  • what an idiot you are Monkey Sidhu. If you can’t respect others you will be thrown in the dust bin as well. Your behaviour showed that you will be kicked out by most of the people in the whole world. Go to hell bloody nonsence

  • We are waiting for your team Mr. Sidhu……!! Wait for crying………. Collect some tissue to wipe out your tears. Where did you find the information of 124 Match between Bangladesh & India??

  • sidhu sir,125 matches??? r u crxy or smthing??how dare u to call us a kangal…..ager shthay budhi lope paisy??ganguly jonmo isthan koi sidhu ji??
    shame on u sidhu ko respect deana sikho sir…barnna india ki hal issykharap hoga…

  • I ask the Indians on this page, how do u guys feel about Sidhus comment? Do all Indians disrespect Bangladesh like him? (when India has a pretty big fan base in Bangladesh)

  • Shala KP Siddhu himself is amother fu******** .
    This bloody MF should get FO.
    Siddhu is suitable for that 3rd class jokes.
    Bloody dump SARDAR!!!

  • zee tv is a regional tv channel catered to local Indians viewers. The title of the show in pomp and circumstance is world war and the green clown dressed in a greener turban is a comedian can only give expert analysis of the smog level in Bhopal. Let it be clear! We took out the first major power team before India did. We did you a service. We built our selves from the ground up. When red and green crushes you and your blue and lampoon commentary it will only gets us closer to the ICC trophy championship. amen !

  • sidhu is just a bullshit. He never learnt how to respect others. there is a proverb “give respect and gain respect” He need to learn this.

  • Sidhu you are a bad human! How can you talk like that about a country?
    What do you mean ‘kangaal’ Bangladesh? What are you? An average cricketer
    Talking big?? I wish and pray that India lose the match against

  • I knew this stupid low grade cricketer was in jail. Surprised to see him bailed.. If there were income tax imposing system on non sense comment like this. Go to hell Chidu

  • CHANDIGARH: BJP MP and former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu was on Friday convicted by the Punjab and Haryana High Court for causing the death of a Patiala resident following a scuffle in 1988, overturning his acquittal by a lower court.

    A division bench comprising Justices Mehtab Singh Gill and Baldev Singh found 43-year-old Sidhu guilty of culpable homicide not amounting to murder and fixed December 6 for pronouncing the quantum of sentence.

    Navjot Sidhu convicted in murder case
    Patiala district and session judge had acquitted Sidhu in September 1999 of the charge of causing death to Gurnam Singh following a scuffle. The Punjab government went to the High Court challenging the lower court verdict.

    Sidhu, who was in Delhi when the judgement was pronounced, could face sentence upto life imprisonment. An FIR registered on December 27, 1988 alleged that Sidhu and Bhupinder Singh Sandhu hit Gurnam Singh after dragging him out his car.

    Public Prosecutor Vinod Ghai said that Sidhu had admitted to the crime at the time of occurrence and that he had no enmity with the deceased. Sidhu, he said, was named in the FIR.
    PTI | Dec 1, 2006, 12.35PM IST
    The Times of India

  • As a Bangladeshi we are not concerned about shidhu. Actually he is insulting all Indians. Indian cricket legend like sourav,gavaskar, sachin are always praised Bangladeshi cricket team.and shudhu,jadeja,soaib proved by themselves that, they are not in the same row of those indian legends.

  • “comedy nights with kapil” আমার ফেব শো – আমি যেহেতু পর্যাপ্ত ক্রিকেট প্রেমি না তো এই সিদু জি সাহেবকে অই প্রোগ্রামেই আমি চিনি কিন্তু উনি যে শালা গটি অইটা ভুলে গেছিলাম এইরকম ছেচড়া মানুষ আমি অনেক চিনি – যারা মরে গেলেও অন্যকে সম্মান দিয়ে কথা বলতে পারে না কিন্তু সেগুলু ব্যাক্তি পর্যায়ের, রাষ্ট্রিয় পর্যায়ে একজন ফেমাস ব্যাক্তি জিনি আবার একজন সংসদ সদস্য ও তিনি কি করে একটা দেশকে কাংগাল বললেন আরো আরো হিনি হিন মন্তব্য করলেন আমার বোধগম্য নয় – আমি ছোট দেশের মানুষ ,এই খান থেকেত আর আমি সিদুজির মাথা দাবি করতে পারি না ,তবে আমি আর কাল থেকে “comedy nights with kapil” দেখব না ।যারা আমার দেশকে, দেশের ক্রিকেটারকে অপমান করে এইরকম গোপাল ভাড়ের ভাড়ামি না দেখলেও চলে –

  • Sidhu is basically nothing except a M****r f****r. Wait and see Bangladesh will kick out India from WCC 2015.

  • what rabbis is this?? sidhu learn to respect the other country.. kisiko kuch kahne k pahle khud ko dekho tumne kaya kiya .. just shame on u..

  • Look who is talking… A worthless idiot named Sidhu!!! People know how good cricketer he was… Now He is living his livelihood by lame comedy and his nonsense hahahihi disgusting laugh… A motherfucker person…

  • Three very ordinary cricketers talking and analysing cricket itself is very funny. And the guy sitting in the middle, whose name I don’t want to even bring to ruin my taste is a bonafied idiot. I would like to ask him when on earth Bangladesh played 124 games with india. Actually in don’t blame this illetarate guy rather I would blame the person who gave birth to this nonsense. Was she raped by a herd of swaine.

  • Ami amar bathroom e jabar puran jutha ta khujtasi, oita te guu makhaya shidhur mukhe martei thakbo…. Shala kuttar bacca…, shudhu shidhu re marleo amr rag komtase na, tor Baap, maa, bou sele meye shobar mukhei guy makhano jutha Mari….

  • Sidhu Ji, Appne zindigimeain kitna run kia hai?????????? You were always a flop master. Look at Sachin, he is a gentleman because he knows the cricket………. Sala BHIKHARI…………tu sardar ki naam par kalank hai sala kutta ka aulad………………………

  • Mr. M***er F*cker Sidhu,
    India did not win 124 matches against BD. It’s only 24 matches whereas BD won 3. It’s so funny that all of you are getting nervous, but trying to show smartness by insulting BD team. ha ha ha…. It’s not shame for BD if they loose against India. But if India looses, then that will be a hard f*ck in the ass for the next 10 years.

  • why are we playing cricket ?

    i think only india should play cricket…. no other country should play this game .. cricket is the property of indians… they should only play all by themselves ….

    they should win all the world cup…

    indians are nothing but civic senseless freaks…

  • Camera ka samne Jyadha bolne may kichi ka ijjat nahi barjathe Shidhu Ji. Try to respect others then you will be entitled for the same. India is lucky enough that they have to face such a daring team like Bangladesh in this world cup.

  • sidhu u were a average player and now you do nothing but laughing like an Ass in comedy shows…I kno it is very difficult to earn money for a average player like u who is also stupid no sense of cricket at all..I kno this what u do for surviving and supporting your family…but don’t do anything that one day your own family will be ashamed at you…I hope you get it asshol*

  • I only say dont try be morol of cricket. and Mr sidhu dont give wrong information. First get learn and then give comments. By the way, you should have remember or I can recall you 2003 when India get lost out after losing BD from first stage.

  • are year SIDHU ,we have listened about GOPAL VER ,Do u Know about him,a comedian of Maharaj Kishno looks like GOPAL .What a act year .keep try to take roll at indian movie as a comedian.I think as cricketer every body knows u but i think you have more beautiful future in movie/TV as comedian.keep mind it year………………..Don’t’ waste your time .

  • Mr sidhu ,You illiterate piece of shit we know you are dumb and stupid .so just make sure you double cheek the stats before you say something publicly …….now a days there is a teacher who knows all these ans …… Hope you know how to google

  • Get your stats straight you idiots. 124 matches between The tigers and India?! I Think my one year old boy knows better math than that sidhu. Such haters! We Bangladeshis always wish nothing but good for your team. Why can’t you just be the same!?Bunch of idiots making comments about cricket!

  • bangladesh will answer this bulshit at the field..

    No offence to India but when ppl like sidhu talks, we all can smell the fear inside them…

  • Sidhu k bacche tere pichuare mein do lath mar ke ye kahungi k tu ak joker heinn madarchod……..

  • Siddu to bollo bt sobcche ajob kotha holo Soheb Malik , kuttar Baccha Dalal . Mad…chd niz desh chere ashche India er Dalali korte . Sala Fuckistani …..
    ar Siddu Kha..kir put er pachar mpddhe kana wala bash dukaite hobe ….

  • Sidhu is a clown who laughs like a an idiot and he will eat his own words when Bangladesh will create more headaches for India….over confidence can be the down fall…
    Can we get Comedy nights with kapil without this clown….he kills the comedy out of everything…

  • Well, three not so successful players are discussing about success!!! So what we can expect from them??
    One of them is a convicted criminal (Sidhu)
    One was kicked out from cricket for match fixing (Jadeja)
    and another one wants to be a celeb, just because he played few matches good for his country and ruined his career (Malik).
    I had some sympathy for Jadeja before but not any longer after his comments on Taskin. How on earth you are on a public show and say “What is his name? Taskin or RASKIN”. If you had a little bit of respect for others or for the game, you would never make a comment as such and would take enough preperation before the show. No ownder he was greedy for money rather than play with pride for country.
    Dont want to comment on Sidhu, as there are lot of comments already on him. However, his failure is evident from his comedy show, where he is recruited only to laugh, not to do enything else and establish being a complete stupid.
    These comments not shame for Bangladesh, rather shame for the show itself and these people on the show.

  • Why are you Indians such arrogant fucks? Bangladesh is not a problem for India? I can bet that even if they don’t win, they’re going to give your team a hard competition. I used to respect you Siddhu sir, but nobody gave you the right to call a team ‘kangaal.’ Don’t be such an asshole.

  • What does it matter what a TWO time convicted murderer (look it up) whose cricketing career was irrelevant at best (my informed opinion), think about Bangladesh or its team?

    Kichu na. Nada. Zero. Zilch. Zip.

    Don’t give this low-life thug’s words any credence. #CholoBangladesh

  • I took the time to read some of these comments.
    Street people only can use street language and I am not sure if Sidhu is from the streets.
    Cricket is a game that people with broad mind watch it, love it, criticize it, praise it and comment on it.
    Watch Mr. Gavasker, Tendulker, Shastri,…
    I find the presenter of the show also from the street and were not raised in a proper way how to respect others.
    Sidhu, I feel sorry for you…. You are letting a great country down with your remarks.
    Will you raise your kids same way ?

  • Not sure what you guys are so upset about. Do you not understand humor? If Sidhu insulted a country, I would say it was England.

  • To all my bangladeshi brothers and sisters………….what sidhu was narrating was mostly of someone’s else telling him about the condition of england against bangladesh….i dont see how he was insulting bangladesh…bangladesh was obviously a minnow against england….one has to admit..but what go them ahead was their team game and Ajay Jadeja is saying tat…and yes he got the records wrong…in national television u sit and u get stuffs wrong…can happen to anyone..can happen to a bangladeshi cricketer too….he can also say the same thing against india…i must say the bangladeshi media blows out of proportion just to create hatred among our bengali peers…..shame on bangladesh media..chi..!

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