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Police shooting east west university students during demonstration against vat

Police shooting East West University Students

bangladeshi social experiment free food those who have less gives and are big hearted

Asking for free food – See how poor people come forward

spirit of ramadan - share - care - fast - help the poor

Spirit of Ramadan | Moderation | সংযম

true lesson of ramadan, sacrifice, share, help people

Sacrifice – The true purpose of Ramadan

first ever youtube video uploaded

This is the First Video uploaded in Youtube – “Me at the zoo”

interview for world's toughest job - mother's day

Interview for World’s toughest job – unlimited hours, 365 days, and NO PAY!

how world looked like in million years indian plate asian plate collide

How did the earth change in millions of years

mark zuckerberg discussing facebook thefacebook on cnbc on 2004 that had 100000 users

Mark Zuckerberg 11 years ago on CNBC to discuss a social network (TheFacebook)

Top 10 languages in the world

10 Most Spoken Languages

top 10 tallest buildings in the world

10 Tallest Buildings in The World

Thai good stories - Melody of Life


Dead sea - amazing, people do not drown, remain floated

Dead Sea – where people remain floated on water !!