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Nat Geo Documentary on Ship Breaking Yard in Bangladesh

Where Ships Go to Die, Workers Risk Everything

History of Dhaka

HISTORY OF DHAKA │ Documentary Film

top ten natural disasters since 1900 two in Bangladesh.jpg

Top 10 Deadliest Natural Disasters After 1900 – Two of those were in Bangladesh

live ilish (Hilsha) chadpur

Live ilish (Hilsa) Fish Chandpur Bangladesh Dakatia River

Cox's Bazar - Where Bangladesh Smiles

Cox’s Bazar – Where Bangladesh Smiles

Meghmallar Bangla movie trailer

মেঘমল্লার-মুক্তিযুদ্ধের ছবি [অফিসিয়াল ট্রেইলার] Meghmallar Official trailer

Bird's Eye view of Dhaka City through FPV

Amazing FPV Aerial shots over Dhaka City

Beautiful Bangladesh - Land Of Stories

Beautiful Bangladesh – Land Of Stories

Beautiful Prospectus Bangladesh

Beautiful and The Emerging Bangladesh

Bangladesh has been become popular as next IT outsourcing destination throughout the world day by day. The success of the Communications & Information Technology industry has prompted many relevant associations to evolve to provide focal points for entrepreneurs and foreign investors. The government of Bangladesh has declared the ICT sector as 'thrust' sector. The creation of a separate Ministry for Communications & Information Technology (Ministry of Science and Information & Communication Technology), formulating favorable laws and initiating government IT projects are encouraging steps for the local/international investors in the Bangladesh ICT industry.

Bangladesh – The outsourcing destination for the world

Proud to be a Bangladeshi

Proud to be a Bangladeshi – But what have we done for our country?