🇧🇩A Brilliant Bangladeshi Island! Hello Moheshkhali Island!

I travelled to Moheshkhali island off the coast of Cox’s Bazar for a little day trip and found out why this island is so special!

0:00 Coming up – frightening bridge crossing and intro to video
0:48 Arriving at Cox’s bazar port
1.38 How do you know which boat to get on?
3.30 Finally we find a boat
4:20 Boat ride to Moheshkhali island
5:50 Arriving at Moheshkhali island
6:40 In a rickshaw travelling through the town
7:43 Passing a cyclone shelter
8:06 Frightening bridge crossing
9:46 Seeing a beautiful pier and Seaview back to mainland
10:16 Entering the Adinath temple
12:58 Tea and local bananas in the local market
16:03 Heading back across the bridge
16:25 Visiting the stunning Buddhist monastery
18:03 Timewarp shot heading back to port
18:22 Boat home and sum up

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This is one of many upcoming videos from my current travels in Bangladesh . You can find the growing playlist here: http://bit.ly/3EZ0RM0

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