Dear Alyne in Bangladesh | Behind the scene video of an American Travel Vlogger | Travel Vlog Shoot

Dear Alyne is a video creator with a Facebook page with over 1.5 Million followers and 200 Million views in 1.5 years. She met with Bangladeshi fans on 23 February 2020 at Dhaka.

She is also Chief Marketing Officer of world famous Youtube channel Nas Daily. She is also girlfriend of Nuseir Yassin (Creator of Nas Daily).

She works with brands to create content that tells their story, on her channel, or theirs. Her channel focuses on social issues [The Pink Tax (45+Million), The Beauty Trap (12+Million), The Cheapest Health Care (15+Million), Why she Doesn’t Eat Meat (9.5 Million), Should Women Do This (10+Million) etc]. She also runs Girls Gone Global by Dear Alyne, a FB Group with 125,000+ women who want to improve their lives and the world. Career highlights: Invited to interview the president of Malta and the president of Taiwan.

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