Spiders (2000) Film Explained in Bangla | Spiders Movie Review In Bangla || Haunting Bangla

Spiders (2000) movie explained in Bangla
Spiders (2000) horror action film
Spiders (2000) horror action movie story in Bangla || Haunting Bangla
Explaining the ending of Spiders (2000)
Spiders (2000) explained in Bangla
Spiders (2000) Movie Review in Bangla

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The Spiders (2000) Thriller movie explained in Bangla . The American Horror Sci-fi film “Spiders” story summarized with a complete ending in Bangla explanation. A laboratory is seen in the beginning of the plot. Here a huge spider is put in a box and that box is tagged NASA. Then a young ” Marci” reporter appears who wants to visit a place named the federal agency along with her friends in order to discover its mysterious realities. She goes there without any legal authority. That place is supervised with strict security. Suddenly , a spaceship crashed there. Going near it, it is revealed that all astronauts of that spaceship are dead . And their faces had contorted and distorted. Suddenly, government officers arrived there. One astronaut is still alive. However, rather than taking him to the hospital, the leader of that place orders the soldiers to take him to an underground lab.

Later in the underground laboratory, ” Marci” with her friends also reaches there and observes that there are many spiders which have been placed in the jar. The purpose behind it is to research the growth of spiders. On the other side, The alive astronaut is dying. ” Marci” observes that a big spider comes out of his mouth and starts to attack them. They hide but the scientists become the victims of it.

Afterwards, Marci’s friends are also victimized by that spider . Only ” Marci” is left . In the end the spider moves to the public and tries to destroy it all . But ” Marci” courageously fights it with the help of the lab assistant. They are finally able to put a stop to the spider’s existence. They are able to free themselves of the life-stealing bug in this manner.


Images and footage Source: Principal Photography
Director: Gary Jones
Writer: Boaz Davidson and Stephen David Brooks

Chapter –
0:00 Intro
0:10 Base
2:00 Story line
9:00 Twist
10:10 Outro
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