Pakhi Pakhi | পাখি পাখি | Helal | New Bangla Music Video 2021 | Official Video | Studio Gaan Bajna

Official Music Video, Pakhi Pakhi |পাখি পাখি || Helal || Bangla Gaan
Title:Pakhi Pakhi -পাখি পাখি
All rights reserved by Studio Gaan-Bajna, USA.
 Song: Pakhi Pakhi -পাখি পাখি
 Tune, Music and Vocal: Helal Ahamed
 Lyrics: Wripon Rahman
 Casts: Irine Erani and Safran Ahmed Salim
 Story and Direction: Irine Erani
 D.O.P, Edit and Color: Yasin Bin Arian and Hasan Razib Hasan(USA)
 Makeup Artist: Hasan Khan
 Recording Studio: Studio Gaan Bajna.
 Poster and Thumbnail: SR Animax (Rakib)
 Executive Producer: Belal and Habib
 Label: Studio Gaan Bajna
 Special thanks to Wripon Rahman and Razib Hasan
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