Made in Bangladesh, Sold in India Part 1

The phenomenon of Bangladeshi women and even little girls sold or trafficked into India has seen an alarming jump over the last few years. There are no official figures, but anti-trafficking activists say the numbers are only rising. However, the trafficking of women remains bizarrely invisible. The scale and extent is routinely denied by governments and police forces on both sides of the border. NDTV reporters set out to investigate how thousands of women make this terrible journey from Bangladesh to India. This was a hidden-camera investigation that took us from the poor villages of Bangladesh to the red light districts of Mumbai and other cities and towns of Maharashtra. While my colleague sneaked into Bangladesh to establish how porous the border between the two countries is, my job was to complete the story in India. The objective was to crack the nexus between Indian and Bangladeshi pimps and get on record genuine stories of ordeal by interviewing Bangladeshi sex workers

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