Forensic trailer||Vikrant Massey||#moviereview #zee5

Forensic trailer||Vikrant Massey||#moviereview #zee5

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The trailer of ZEE5 film Forensic was released on Thursday. The movie features Vikrant Massey as forensic officer Johnny and Radhika Apte as police officer Megha.

The trailer begins with a harried Apte asking her colleague what has happened, and then she is informed about the murders of young girls on their birthday in Mussoorie. Soon, we see forensic officer Johnny, played by Massey, joining the investigation. But there is something unusual about this character that we will know once the film releases on ZEE5.

Talking about the movie, Vikrant Massey said in a statement, “Forensic experts are so underrated, and I am glad that for the first time in Bollywood, we have a movie with a forensic expert in the lead. Just like a good script is incomplete without a good director, I believe a criminal case is incomplete without a good forensic expert and I hope that we are able to do justice to this profession via the movie.” He called the film an “exciting, edge-of-the-seat crime thriller with shocking twists and turns”.

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