Chenra Tamsukh – Bengali Full Movie | Ranjit Mallick | Sumitra Mukherjee | Biplab Chatterjee

Watch the Bengali full movie Chenra Tamsukh : ছেঁড়া তমসুখ বাংলা ছবি on YouTube. The Bengali Film Chenra Tamsukh was released in the year 1974, Directed by Purnendu Patri, starring Ranjit Mallick, Sumitra Mukherjee, Biplab Chatterjee, Lina Das, Nimu Bhowmick & Others.

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Movie : Chenra Tamsukh
Language : Bengali
Genre : Drama, Family
Director : Purnendu Patri
Story : Samaresh Basu
Music Director : Purnendu Patri
Lyricist : Rabindranath Tagore
Playback : Kumkum Chatterjee
Release : 1974
Star Cast : Ranjit Mallick, Sumitra Mukherjee, Biplab Chatterjee, Lina Das, Nimu Bhowmick, Sobhen Mazumdar, Shyamal Sen, Dilip Mitra, Raja Mukherjee, Nilkantha Sengupta, Bibhash Chakraborty, Promod Ganguli, Asit Basu, Uma Pal Chowdhury, Subhajit Nath, Ranjit Ganguly, Tarapada Roy, Dilip Banerjee, Sunil Ganguly, Arjun Senchowdhury, Shibnath Banerjee, Minati Burmanroy, Sekhar Mazumdar, Shakti Chatterjee, Sarat Mukherjee

Chenra Tamsuk’ depicts the compromises and struggles the jobless youth of the middle class society face. Prabhat, Naresh, Shankar and Bijoli are college mates. Despite having a college degree they are jobless and financially weak. As a result they’ve to do things against their wishes. Naresh, Prabhat and Shankar earn as wagon breakers and by engaging in illegal activities. Bijoli sells her body to another college mate Brajen so that they don’t become homeless and to take care of her ailing father. Shattered by the compromises Bijoli finally commits suicide. Her friends are shattered. They are shocked when the post-mortem report reveals she was pregnant. They blame each other. They confess they had weakness for Bijoli but she was cold towards their feelings. Brajen confesses that he is responsible for Bijoli’s death. But, it’s too late and they’ve no option but to lament the loss of a life.

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